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Production Methods

Our factory can be clearly separated in four different parts:

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Die casting:

Nowadays we use the latest technology for pressure die casting such as cold chamber and hot chamber machinery.

The automatic hot chamber machines vary between 20 and 80 t and we can use them to produce pieces with a maximum area of 562 cm2 and pieces up to 1.5 kg. The metal used is first cast Zamak (ZL5), it is provided by our supplier Asturiana del Zinc and we always take into account the corresponding analysis of each ingot that is going to be melted. Our hot chamber machines (FRECH) can calculate the injection parameters, quality tables, piece control proofs, cores extractor, adjustments, etc. This way the production process can be perfectly controlled and we obtain the injection quality requested by each client.

The sector and the kind of pieces we are specialized in are: gifts and decoration (paper knives, thimbles, swords, bells, metopes, key rings, jugs, handle, etc.), industrial pieces, furniture accessories (hinges, handles, ironwork, etc.).

The cold chamber machines vary between 25 and 80 t and can be used to produce pieces with a maximum area of 415 cm2 and up to 1.5 kg. With these machines, which use the same technology as the hot chamber machines, we inject pieces in aluminium, Zamak, brass and lead.

The sector and kind of pieces in which we are specialized in are: gifts and decoration, furniture accessories (bolts, handles, etc), industrial pieces, balcony ornaments, construction elements, counterweights for plastic pieces, etc.

COMMENT: We can offer rough or finished pieces, at the client's interest.