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Gift Articles

We have two lines: Client exclusive articles and our own line of articles.

Client exclusive articles:

We manufacture exclusive articles, following the designs provided by the client, who has the option of choosing a raw or finished product.

For example: imitation jewellery components, fashion components, promotional or collection articles.

We offer quotes for any type of piece, free of obligation.

Own line of gift articles:

We have our own line of gift and souvenir articles.

All of them are made in zamak, with a tin or golden finishing and are costumizable.

We manufacture different types of articles:

  • - Religious articles, such as miniature size chapels and holy water basins.
  • - Thimbles and hand bells for collection.
  • - Wine bottle openers and stoppers.
  • - Promotional articles such as paper knives, bookmarks and key rings.
  • - Souvenirs such as magnets, teaspoons and miniature jars, rocking chairs and chairs.

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